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Tanning at Studio Spa, Retford Tanning at Studio Spa

Whether you want a full body spray tan or just need a golden glow for a special occasion, we have tanning solutions to suit your needs.

Sun Shower

Our fast tan capsule is the very latest in high-speed tanning, giving you a golden glow in minutes.

St Tropez Sunless Tanning

St Tropez tinted self-tanning lotion works instantly for a golden tan that lasts for days.

Top-up if required.

Naturasun Spray Tan

No more streaks and orange patches, just a smooth, silky, just off the beach look.

Naturasun is a unique formula for quick development, long lasting results and an even fade.  Naturasun is rapidly becoming a favourite for all skin tones.

Contains 100% natural pomegranate antioxidants

Added moisturiser for longer lasting results

Paraben/alcohol free

Special formula allows for even coverage and a perfect colour combination for you

Treatment Price
Sun Shower (per 3 minutes)
St Tropez Tanning (Full Body)
St Tropez Tanning (Half Body) 20.00
St Tropez Tanning (Top Up) 10.00
Spray Tan (Full Body)
Spray Tan (Half Body)
Spray Tan (Top Up) from 10.00