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skin care at Studio Spa in retfordSkin Care Treatment at Studio Spa

At Studio Spa we specialise in skin care.  Whether you need an express treatment, would like to indulge with a relaxing facial or you have a particular concern with your skin, we can help.

Our facial treatments are detailed below however please feel free to ask for advice on which would suit you best.

Add a 15 minute back massage for just £10, to any skin care treatment - for maximum stress relief.


Dermalogica Facials

Dermalogica face mapping preceeds all Dermalogica facials. This is an in-depth consultation and analysis of the skin guaranteeing that the professional treatment and home-care prescription will fully address all your concerns.




Prescription Skin Care £34.00

A treatment unique to you!  Includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, massage and masque chosen to meet your needs.

Effectively deals with:

Anti-ageing/loss of firmness

Microzone Treatments  £22.00

A targeted solution to an immediate skin care concern.  A 20 minute high intensity version of Prescription Skin Care.


Microzone Flash Exfoliation
Firm, resurface, tone and brighten skin with this maximum strength exfoliation treatment.  Hydroxy acids remove dulling surface debris to help reverse the signs of aging while a nourishing cocktail of vitamins, botanical extracts and conditioning agents help soothe and restore skin to optimal health. 

Microzone Blackhead Relief
Clear impactions before they manifest into breakouts with this super-cleansing, purifying and clearing treatment.  Eradicate congestion by focusing on a zone that needs to be cleared the most or all-over for clear skin. 

Microzone Eye Rescue
Firm, tone and brighten tired eyes with our unique blend of peptides, firming proteins and therapeutic vitamins. Gentle exfoliation will remove dulling debris, while a calming masque will help soothe and revitalize irritated, tired eyes. 

• Microzone Rapid Spot Clearing
Expedite zone-specific breakout clearing with extensive cleansing and ingredients to clear sebum and impactions.  Also works to help skin recover from inflamed lesions.

Microzone Lip Renewal
Be remembered for full lips and a healthy smile with this smoothing, conditioning treatment for an area that’s often ignored- the lips!  Infused with hydration, lips will be full and plump as well as smoothed, conditioned and restored for a healthy-looking smile.

Dermalogica Skin Peels

A professional skin treatment providing optimum resurfacing to stimulate cell renewal for advanced regeneration. Suitable for photo damage, premature ageing, uneven texture, irregular pigmentation and wrinkles.

Best results are achieved with a course of 6 treatments spaced at weekly intervals. 

Price: £34.00   Course of 6: £170.00


Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion

Using hundreds of tiny diamonds, this gentle treatment removes layers of dead skin cells. Elastin and collagen fibres are simultaneously stimulated by a controlled suction method to encourage cellular renewal, resulting in visibly smoother, softer, firmer and more radiant skin even after just one treatment.  To achieve maximum results, a course of treatment is recommended. 

All of the conditions listed below are improved:      

Acne scarring
Enlarged pores and dull skin
Congested skin
F ine lines and wrinkles, including delicate area around eyes
Sun damaged, uneven and thickened skin

30 min treatment:
Course of 6: £130.00
Single treatment combined with massage and hydrating masque: £36.00

Dermalift Microcurrent  (non surgical facelift)

The muscles of the face are made up of fine sheets of muscle fibres which will respond to a low intensity microcurrent.  Dermalift induces a smooth tetanic contraction in the fibres to stimulate the skins functions and circulatory systems.     

Firms and tones facial muscles
Improves circulation thereby improving collagen production
Firms dermal tissue
Reduces water retention, particularly around the eyes

A skin hydrating gel is used throughout the treatment to gain maximum results:

Add a skin specific masque to maximise the benefits: £12.00 extra

Dermalift Eye Treatment 

All of the benefits of the dermalift facial in a concentrated  area around the eyes.  Helps reduce puffiness and dark circles whilst firming the skin in this delicate area.  A special eye masque containing marine collagen is used to infuse the area with moisture. 

Price: £22.00
Course of 6: £110.00